Thank You

Tracey's talk on prosperity greatly opened my awareness to my limiting beliefs. Her ability to draw and make me see this and the tools she shared will allow me to become more receptive in the future and allow prosperity into my life, and stay. Many, many thanks

Donna - NSW

Beautiful visualisation

Tracey has a knack for conducting beautiful visualisation exercises and it has allowed me to be aware of how I view abundance and prosperity. Thank you for all the knowledge and energy shared. Definitely liked the different approaches used in bringing about awareness of how I view prosperity.

Muru - Singapore

Extremely Informative

I loved Tracey's workshop on prosperity. I found it extremely informative and had fun participating. Tracey is a fantastic workshop leader, her confidence was comforting and her voice put me at ease. It was straight from the heart, and I loved it.

Lana WA

Wise Teacher

I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me in my Spiritual Journey. While attending your classes, I learned so much and feel as though you helped ignite my own wisdom, that is the gift of excellence you have. Your calm acceptance of the strangeness in everyone allows freedom to be Who we are and to have faith, trust and confidence in our development - a wonderful thing. I got a lot out of the readings that I have had with you too, questions were answered and healing was achieved. Your warmth and compassion is very freeing too, and your outright honesty about your own self and your Journey have been tremendous validation for me as they have allowed me to have courage and confidence in myself. These are gifts that have value but cannot be measured.

Bless You

May, Western Australia

Incredible Insight

Just a short note to thank you profusely for such an in-depth incredible reading. I have long been a fan of your medium-ship but have only just listened to my reading CD and I re-experienced my whole reading. It was fantastic. Some of the info would require the recipient to be very spiritually advanced to take on board, and only my guides and I were aware of some of the things that you explained to me and, gave cause and reasons for. Absolutely incredible insights for which I am most grateful.

As I don't do readings or psychic dinners anymore, but still get requests, I will wholeheartedly recommend you.

Lotsa Love

Bob Fenwick, Cloverdale, Western Australia