There are times when we are all seeking the answers to help us to make wise choices so that we may fill our life with purpose, passion, laughter, joy, peace and fulfilment. Life can get confusing and frustrating and we can easily lose our way, especially in hard or sad times where we have become lost in a materialistic and greedy world.
Sometimes, we have lost a loved one and the pain of not being able to communicate with them anymore is hard to bear. We just want to know that they are safe and at peace, or to be able to feel their presence once again.
Sometimes, we just need to know that everything is going to be okay.
By having a reading done, it can help you to find your path once again, or it can show you opportunities that are just waiting for you to embrace them, or it can help to unite the physical and the spiritual worlds once again where you are able to feel your loved ones around you.

You choose what you would like to get out of your reading.

I use psychic and mediumship abilities while reading the aura, opening up your akashic records, scanning your health on a physical and an emotional level while connecting with your guides and loved ones to bring you the best information that is going to serve you in this lifetime. We will connect with previous incarnations to unblock and understand karmic ties that were carried into this lifetime.

It is your time, your reading, your energy – You state what you would like to get out of your reading and then let the guides direct the information necessary for your soul growth and expansion.

It is time to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose.

Investment     $100 – one hour, includes a copy of your reading on CD.
                           (half hour readings also available for $60, inc CD)
Contact            Tracey on 0407 810 939 to make an appointment.


Psychic Parties are also available for those wishing to gather a group together for everyone’s convenience.
In the comfort of your own home, you can invite 4 – 8 friends over and each person receives a private and confidential mini-reading (20-25mins), priced at only $50 each.








What is an Integration?
Sometimes in life, we become disconnected, fragmented, scattered, or stuck. An Integration is like a healing, it focuses on the ethereal layers of the Soul – uniting the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies back into the present, the physical body so that you become ONE again with the physical journey of the present moment. Through sound, colour, crystals, native drumming, shamanic rattles, toning, and a unique spiritual crew, your Soul will be reunited with the purpose of the present journey and any residue or dark matter from previous incarnations will be cleaned and cleared.

What will happen after an Integration?
You may feel slightly disorientated as your physical body adjusts to the new vibration of the present moment. Over the next seven days, you may experience an emotional clearing, a physical shifting or purging, or thoughts may resurface from the past. This is normal as the cellular memory starts to clear what is no longer needed or necessary for the present moment. As you start to adjust and re-align, it allows new opportunities, new possibilities, joy, laughter, balance or peace to enter within so that you can focus on who you are, what you are meant to be doing here and how you can follow your path, your purpose, your calling.

How long does it take?
Each session is unique but it will range from 45 – 60 minutes and repeat Integrations are only done to maintain the  journey rather than fix it. Most people get an Integration done every six months to help keep their aura clean, clear and free from earthly manifestations such as worry, anxiety, conditioning, or fear which distorts our happiness, joy, peace, faith and love and our ability to fully live upon this planet.

Investment     $75
Contact            Tracey on  0407 810 939 to make an appointment






Namaste   –   Sacred Blessings   –   Tracey Minehan